Total Surrender Covenant

A Pastor at my local church provided me with this prayer in late 2018. I asked her at the time, “How often do I need to say this prayer,” her response was “once.” However, I reference it almost daily as a reminder to myself.

I hope it blesses you as much as it’s blessed me.

Dear Lord,

I surrender to You my will, mind and emotions, my body, my future plans, hopes and dreams. I give You my home, my marriage, my mate, my children, my geographical location, my recreation and entertainment, my career. I surrender to You my past successes and failures, my habits, my finances, my problems, my time, my integrity and character, my attitudes, my business conduct and relationships, my Christian walk and my response to authority.

Lord, I futher surrender to You the following “rights”:

My right to posessions

My right to a good reputation

My right to have acceptance

My right to be successful

My right to have pleasant circumstances

My right to presume on the will of God

My right to life itself

My right to have friendships

My right to be heard

My right to ake up an offense

My right to avoid reaping from what I sow

My right to be right

My right to see results

My right (fill in the blank)

Dear Lord, I give You permision to do anything You wish to me, with me, in me or through me. I claimed the above items once as mine. Now they belong to you and are under Your control. You can do anything with them You pleas. I willingly make this commitement and convenant in the name and authority of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, and I recognize that this is an agreement with You that can never be broken. Now that I have surrendered ownership of my life to You, You will never give it back to me.

I covenant this in the name LORD JESUS CHRIST. Amen.