Friction in my Residence

The Lord is preparing my heart; This I know is true. I feel chosen, special, appointed. Though still in training, in preparation for servant hood to my King, I know who I am and where I’m going. The picture is still blurry, but I can see enough to continue walking through the fire. I walk through a fire that purifies my heart, leaving only the good behind.

There is something operating in my soul, that blocks my freedom in the Kingdom of Heaven. I can’t stretch out my arms and legs. My voice is retracted. I’m in bondage … in bondage to the esteem of people. Oh, how much of my conscience time I spend wondering what people think of me. How do I come off? What do they perceive of me? Am I enough?

I’m in a season where much of my existence is in friction with my residence. I recently moved into the Kingdom of Heaven. I was given a new spirit upon arrival. Yet so much of my soul operates in habits to an old life; residual culture from my old residence. This stage in my journey requires perseverance; holding on to the picture He has given me.

I thank God for what he’s doing. Every step of the way, he shows me how things are connected. I count it all joy. As difficult as it is, I experience his love in every lesson. I see his presence in every situation – That alone is enough to make my heart explode. He knows my name. I am his child.

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