It’s Not Dirt, It’s a Garden

At first glance it looks like a pile of dirt. There’s nothing there.

Even the plants I use to meticulously primp and trim to look like something more than weeds are gone. My gardener took care of them. He pulled them up. He cleaned up the soil and is bringing it back to health.

There’s Something Underneath

What looks like a pile of dirt right now, is so much more than that. My gardener has invested a lot to get this soil where it is now. I know it doesn’t look like much right now. There’s no evidence of anything exciting happening at the moment … not that you can see anyway.

If you could see inside, underneath the soil you would see my gardener has planted seed! He has grand plans for this soil. This is an exciting time! So this dirt will give way to a magnificent garden.


If I’m honest though, it’s taking a little longer than I hoped or thought it would. There are no short cuts to restore soil that has been void of all nutrients. It takes time.

Meanwhile, this bare soil makes me feel so exposed. At least when the weeds were there, they provided coverage. Now all people can see if a bunch of dirt.

Sometimes, I catch myself wondering if the seed will take. I trust the seed. I trust the garderner. He came with great references. I’ve personally seen his work and it looks glorious. But sometimes, I’m afraid my soil was too far gone to be restored to the level of health necessary to produce good fruit.


I just have to trust my gardener. He has put me in touch with a few of his apprentices and they assure me it will work. There is no soil too bad for Him. They tell me, do not be anxious, keep the soil most with living water and be patient.

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