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Lord God, there are times in life when I get triggered. I received hurt, rejection, “I am not enough,” “I am a mistake.” In these moments, I see how easily I distance myself from you, Lord. I see how my shame causes me to hide. It’s in those moments, that I should approach your throne. It’s in those moments, I should worship you and allow you to fill me with your love and glory. If I don’t stop it right there, anger, bitterness, resentment take root in my heart. Lord, I want to walk in the Spirit at all times. I want to be led by your will.

I don’t want to respond to others from my feelings. If I respond to others from my feelings, they always lead me down a path of self-justification and self-protection. Allow my feelings to serve you, Lord. Let my feelings to operate the “check engine” light of my heart. Allow them to point me to you Lord. Am I hurt? What is the root? How do I walk it out? Teach me, Lord God.

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